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Undertaking: The Podcast

Jul 31, 2020

Bill Johnston, Founder of Post and Boost, a Facebook Marketing company, joins the show to discuss how using social media is key to a funeral home's success. 

To learn more about Post and Boost visit:

Jul 28, 2020

Angela Hershey, founder of the Indy End of Life Collective and an End of Life Doula, joins the show to talk about care of and for the dying. Find her group on Facebook at Indy End of Life Collective. 

Jul 24, 2020

Barbara Kemmis, Executive Director of CANA, the Cremation Association of North America, joins the show to chat about their upcoming virtual convention. 

To learn more about CANA visit:

Jul 21, 2020

Jon Lefrandt, CEO and founder of The Domani Group joins the show to talk about aftercare and grief support in the digital age.

To learn more about The Domani Group visit:

Jul 17, 2020

Jake Smith, a funeral director, an embalmer, educator, and forensic anthropologist, joins the show to discuss decomposition and other related funeral service situations.