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Undertaking: The Podcast

Nov 29, 2023

Our good friend Ben Schmidt talks about what the new embalmer looks like this day and age.  Its an interesting take that I am glad is recorded.  We all may not think the same way but the goal is to serve the families.  The new gereation of funeral service does look different, that is because funeral service is changing....

Nov 23, 2023


Ryan and Kennedy sit down for the first few minutes and talk about what they are thankful for.  The last 15 min Ryan talks about mental health with funeral directors.  We See You! Peace comes in many forms and sometimes witnessing it can be a moment that is beneficial.  Enjoy your Holiday.




Nov 22, 2023

Robert Falcon corners Sharon at the Indiana Funeral Directors convention this last May.  She had recently done some work on the book that is linked below. Embalming: History, Theory, Practice is a book that will mold young funeral directors for the future. Robert has a chance to talk with her and gets the story of her...

Nov 18, 2023

Blake and JB are back to explain things that I dont understand about the Indianapolis Colts they also have a guest they introduce. Ryan opens and closes the episode with some sponsors then rants for a bit.  Ryan gets emotional in the closer. 



Nov 15, 2023

This Episode I talk about the phrase "one more time" and the importance of it.  I talk about my friends disappearing and dealing with mental health. "The We See You" movement is referenced. Its ok to not feel ok, get a mentor. Be better to yourself so you can be better in the profession. Rock and...